Gloriously Green Glen Avon

One of the first things people remark on when they visit Glen Avon Lodge Boutique Hotel in Cape Town’s famous Constantia Valley is often its greenery. Usually they are referring to its magnificent rose-filled gardens – but whilst a lot of love and care goes into the grounds, they are not what this 5-star boutique hotel is most proud of. What the Stringer family and the team at Glen Avon is most proud of is their top rating for other green credentials!

General Manager Hans Heuer and his team were delighted with its most recent accolade as a “Green Champion with Distinction”, scoring 88% overall for Sustainable Tourism Management. This recognition as a CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE PROPERTY was awarded by Green Tourism Active which is a non-profit, global sustainability assessment & certification company that is recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and is also a member of the UN World Tourism Organisation.

Below are some of the things that Glen Avon does to make a difference..

The Environment

Glen Avon is committed to protecting the environment for future generations and reducing its own environmental impact so far as possible by implementing responsible eco-friendly tourism practices while still providing an impeccable quality of service.

Water Conservation

Thankfully the “Day Zero” water crisis has been avoided with the dams around Cape Town nice and full again (some reports say they are over 75% full) after the recent rains, but Glen Avon has had measures in place for over 20 years already before it was “fashionable” to be water-wise. All the hotel’s water is filtered to the highest drinking standard by its own filtration plant.


The hotel has a long-term project underway to become almost self-sufficient in terms of generating its own power via photo voltaic, solar, backup batteries and heat pumps. The hotel also uses energy efficient electrical equipment.

The Glen Avon Family

The team is Glen Avon’s most prized asset – the staff make the Glen Avon family. Management is committed to helping staff members achieve their full potential through guiding, supporting and investing in training each one of them. They take seriously their duty of care for all employees whilst at work and to ensure all working practices are safe and all risks are assessed on a regular basis and that Health and Safety is of paramount importance. Equality and diversity are core values and an integral part of everything Glen Avon does.

Local is Lekker

The hotel is committed to using sustainable, ethically sourced products and services from local suppliers where possible, that have minimal environmental impact. All Glen Avon’s bathroom products are made locally and are eco-friendly, as well as some of their cleaning materials.


The hotel recycles as much as possible and all vegetable matter is used for composting. Organic worm farms produce “worm tea” fertiliser for the gardens.

Soil for Life

Glen Avon supports the SOIL FOR LIFE NGO Project which assists disadvantaged communities by giving them the means to start a vegetable patch and teaches them how to grow vegetables, to not only feed their own families – but to generate a sustainable income for the future by selling any excess produce on.

The Spirit of Ubuntu

All the staff at Glen Avon are encouraged to give back to the local community and to support and volunteer to help worthy charitable causes such as child literacy projects. The Spirit of Ubuntu encompasses the belief that “I am because we are” – and celebrates the universal bond of sharing for the good of humanity. Here is the team helping to brighten up the house at Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace

Upliftment Centre is a non-profit that strives to empower and uplift the children living in the Westlake Community in the Constantia Valley, to ensure they develop to their full potential despite any disadvantages such as literacy and numeracy deficiencies, physical handicaps and social imbalances. The project focuses on individual children and ensures they have access to remedial teachers, occupational and physio therapists, speech therapists, counsellors and psychologists. They currently work from a house in Westlake, which Glen Avon has been helping to renovate into an Upliftment Centre. They hope to also introduce art, music, sport and dance classes in the future for kids who might not have an academic future.

For a copy of Glen Avon’s CSR Policy please contact Hans Heuer at / +27 21 7941418


Glen Avon Lodge’s mission statement is “to be internationally recognised as one of Cape Town’s most desirable 5 Star Boutique Hotels in the Constantia Valley” offering excellent value where “distinction in service comes naturally”.

To maintain and improve our business and to achieve our objectives each of the following points are built in to our day to day activities and work ethic:

SOCIAL Learning and Development: People are the most important part of our business and it goes without saying that our excellent service comes from our most prized asset – our staff. That is why we are committed to the continuous learning and development of our team members and encourage them to achieve their potential through guiding, supporting and investing in training each one of them.

Travel: Our employees are taught to be aware of the impact that travel has on our future whether travel is desired for leisure or required in their association with our business.

Diversity and Equality: As a Hotel we strive to incorporate diversity and equalities into everything we do. Equality and diversity flows through our core values and is an integral part of our business. We are wholeheartedly committed to continued action in tackling inequality and promoting diversity.

Duty of Care: We are committed to producing a caring and supportive working environment which is conducive to the welfare of all employees, which enables them to develop towards their full potential. We take seriously our duty of care for all employees whilst at work and to ensure all working practices are safe and all risks are assessed on a regular basis and that Health and Safety is of paramount importance.

COMMUNITY Engagement: To ensure our efforts are having an impact on real local needs we endeavour to provide our employees with the opportunity to support the local community and organisation through volunteer work and initiatives whether that is assisting children with literacy skills or providing assistance in growing food for the community. We have built and continue to cement relationships and partner local organisations.

SOCIAL COMMITMENT: Glen Avon Lodge is proud of its charitable and community giving achievements. We aim to contribute to worthy local causes.

ENVIRONMENT Our Policy: Glen Avon Lodge is committed to the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the local, national and global environment for future generations. The Directors recognize the impact of its operations on the environment and aim by increasing our understanding in respect of these activities to minimize any detrimental effects that may occur. By working together, we can create a safe and clean environment, ensuring that environmental issues are always kept at the forefront of everyone’s mind and given proper attention. We seek to conserve natural resources by ensuring the responsible use of energy, water and materials but still providing the quality of service deserved by our guests.

ECONOMIC Our Product: We will continue to invest and develop our product for our guests and customers. As part of this process we will endeavor to implement alternative solutions that reduce environmental costs of these services as well as focus on more sustainable service delivery.

Our Purchasing: We will continue to promote transparent sustainable purchasing, ethically sourced from local suppliers where possible, that have minimal environmental impact. These include items such as packaging, recyclable products, local sourcing of services and products and energy efficient electrical equipment.

Our Promise: Glen Avon Lodge will continue to trade as a sustainable profitable business and to provide employment. The Company will continue to be an active participant within the local community as well as promoting and setting an example within the hospitality industry.


This Policy is effective from 1st September 2018.