Cape Town Hotels – Drought / Water Crisis

Glen Avon Lodge has been preparing for the Cape Town drought crisis in many ways. By using some of the most advanced water management solutions available, they have ensured their guests have ample safe, clean and healthy water for drinking, toiletries and showering.

By making use of available deep underground water, reverse-osmosis filtration and a re-mineralization system, the on tap water is of the highest quality and safety standards.

There is no doubt the drought has affected Cape Town in many ways but you can be assured your stay at Glen Avon will be a clean one.

Although Glen Avon is able to accommodate guests with sufficient water during the ‘zero day’ water crisis, we do ask them to use it sparingly as it is not completely unlimited. If guests could kindly do their part by keeping their showers a little bit shorter and refraining from running a bath – we can all share in the responsibility of saving water in the city.

Glen Avon has ensured guests have good clean running water during the zero day water crisis. More information about the “Cape Town Hotel Water Restrictions” coming soon..